Nigerian Constitution App

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The Nigerian constitution is an embodiment of the supreme law of the land and it defines the fundamental principles or established precedents that govern the Nigerian state. Sadly, most of the country’s citizens have a very poor working knowledge of the constitution and how it applies to their daily activities.

The Nigerian constitution app is part of an initiative to help tackle this knowledge gap by making the constitution easily accessible to most Nigerians via their mobile devices (including feature phones).  An earlier version of the constitution app was successfully released in 2011 and this has received over 80,000 downloads to date. However, this version was only available on Blackberry devices.

The current version (2.0) of the Nigerian constitution application though not officially launched is freely available on all major mobile device platforms (Android, Blackberry, Nokia, etc). This version includes several new features such as ability to post sections of the constitution to Facebook, online forum integration, search, legal directory, etc.

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